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" the Raw Truth - Cancer and other illnesses-"

  A frank discussion about cancer and other illnesses...

So many people are acquiring cancer especially young people and even young children. we have compiled an educational serious of some experts that teach and have taught "Proven Results" of eliminating cancer and other illnesses. From cancer to hearth problems to eczema to diabetes...
Compiled by Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS
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Disclaimer: The information given by Robert Morse and others in these videos is strictly for educational purposes only. It does not involve the diagnosing, treatment or prescribing of remedies for the treatment of diseases. Recommendations made in these recordings are not considered consultations or recommended individual protocols.
   Cleanse the body of toxins, feed the body the proper nutrients it requires and                            the body will heal itself...!!!

We have been attempting to bring this Educational information to many that have requested it.
Some have followed the regime and eliminated their cancer health challenge permanently. Some have fallen off the regimen and the cancer returned and some have refused this advice and they are not with us anymore.
Why would someone want agony and suffering when solutions are available...???

Dr Robert Morse ND and former MD, Dr Michael O'Brien and many others believe that               no disease is incurable. 
Some healing testimonials...
A lady in her forties with cancer in Victoria hospital returns home...  
Tumors were expelled from the body...
Doctor Lorraine Day was a surgeon for eighteen years in a California hospital. She developed cancer and would not go with the medical system as she knew she would not make it...  
  read more below...

CANCER DETOX: Gone in 4 Months

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"The ego, capitalism and totalitarianism consciousness has created a modality that can’t cure anything and conversely hurts and kills the largest number of humans ever seen. They are statistically and factually the largest killing machine of humans ever, including all the wars put together!" -Dr. Robert Morse

 Dr. Robert Morse is an American naturopathic doctor who has been practicing for over 40 years and has cured over 100,000 people of every disease imaginable using simple #detoxification methods and a #Raw #Vegan diet. Whether it's #Diabetes, #Candida, #Kidney Stones, #Fibromyalgia, #Lupis, #Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, #Autism, #MS, #Parkinsons, #HIV / #AIDS, #Insomnia, #Migraines, Heart Conditions, or #Cancer, no matter the ailment, Dr. Morse is confident that the human body has the ability to completely regenerate and heal itself. 

 If given the opportunity, through #fasting, #cleansing, #detoxing, and raw living foods, the human body can and will regenerate and rebuild at the cellular level. However, most people eat acidic meals 3 times a day every day and have never fasted or detoxed even once in their lives. This is equivalent to perpetually running a complex machine 24/7 for years and expecting it never to break down. But over time pipes get clogged, waste backs up, wear and tear take their toll, and the machine ultimately overheats and fails. Only then can repairmen come in, fix the pipes, remove the excess waste, and repair the damage done. 

It is exactly the same with the human body and our repairmen (self-regenerating cells/tissue) can only clean out and fix the machine when it's turned off. Fasting gives your internal organs the break they need to repair the damage of overuse. 

What allopathic doctors refer to as "diseases," Dr. Morse suggests could be more accurately termed "healing crises." The allopathic model merely lumps together a bunch of symptoms, gives them a name based on what part of the body they affect, then offers you unnecessary pills, #vaccinations, #radiation and surgeries that ultimately do more harm than good. 

Dr. Morse insists in his book "Illusion of Disease" that all these various medical diagnoses are misnomers which complicate the issue and dis-empower the patients: "Medical Doctors simply fit a name to the respective symptom that occurs when acids damage the cells of the body (or set in motion an inflammatory response), and a symptom is experienced. Which is again simply: location, location, location! The location in the body = the name of the symptom ... 

The concept of diseases is ridiculous! It is fostered by the Pharmaceutical Companies. The concept of disease was perpetrated by the medical community to cast a 'mystique' over the general populous. Controlling man by fear, through the mystery of symptoms coming from the outside world. Setting themselves up as the potential 'life savers' with their bizarre chemical potions of pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy, radiation and radical surgeries. 

The ego, capitalism and totalitarianism consciousness has created a modality that can’t cure anything and conversely hurts and kills the largest number of humans ever seen. They are statistically and factually the largest killing machine of humans ever, including all the wars put together!" -Dr. Robert Morse 

 I hope everyone takes some time to listen to Dr. Morse and hear some of the incredible stories he has to share. He is a true healer, compassionate, knowledgeable, an amazing resource and inspiration for anyone suffering with health problems. 


The Hidden Truth About Cancer: Dr Robert Morse

Robert Morse ND - "Cancer - The Raw Truth"

In this merged 7 part video series, my mentor, Robert Morse ND, discusses "Cancer - The Raw Truth". And how the body really works...

 "The health of the body's cells, tissues, organs and glands can only be as healthy as the fluids that they are bathed in." ~ Robert Morse, N.D., D.Sc., I.D., M.H.

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Dr Robert Morse teaches about cleansing the body of acids and feeding the body alkaline foods.
This is fine if a person is diagnosed with cancer or other illness early enough. But if time is short, enzymes and protyolitic probiotics are extremely crucial to intervene in the healing process as explained in the video below. Of course a proper diet with supplementation of Whole Food supplements will prevent any illness. (All enzymes are not created equal. See below.)

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted And the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss, And Long-term Health.
"The China Study examines the relationship between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and bowel cancer.[3] The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly whole-food, plant-based diet—avoiding animal products as a main source of nutrition, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese, and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce, or reverse the development of numerous diseases. They write that "eating foods that contain any cholesterol above 0 mg is unhealthy"
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Michael O'Brien – as a former Director of two Los Angeles Medical Clinics, witnessed the poor results of people's attempts in achieving good health. After many years in practice and many more years of research, Michael developed ‘user friendly’ methods to address even the most challenging diseases that our society faces today.

He left the conventional medical system to pursue a more natural, holistic approach after he himself achieved ‘victory’ over cirrhosis of the liver and bowel cancer through natural means. He accomplished this by simply loading his body with the only two things that do the work in the body, which he refers to as ‘the workers’.

Now retired, Michael O'Brien spoke to thousands of health professionals. He was in Victoria several years ago and spoke to some 350 people. He was one of the country's foremost knowledgeable nutritionists and an enzyme specialist. With his wealth of knowledge in the nutritional field, combined with his extensive research – Michael gained the trust and respect of thousands of health professionals the world over. Instrumental in Dr. Jensen’s recovery from prostate cancer and paralysis, Michael O’Brien was a shining example of a dedicated researcher and respected educator. He was a living example of vibrant health and a witness to the power of his proprietary formulations.

He has a track record of successfully treating hundreds of cases of life threatening diseases using whole food supplements and a raw food diet.



 Funeral arrangements were already made but sixty (60) days later he was pronounced cancer-free...!!!

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Some seven years prior to his passing, Dr. Jensen was struck with cancer due to his extensive traveling doing speaking engagements and not living a healthy lifestyle during that time. He was eating the wrong foods and was in a time of stress. He ended up on his death-bed with cancer throughout his whole body and was given some eight days to live at around age 85. His prostate level was 1800 prostate-specific antigen, or PSA. Normal would be a psa of 5.

His friend and a former medical doctor, Michael O’Brien was called to say good bye to Dr. Jensen. Prior to this, Michael O’Brien had victory himself over Cirrhosis of the liver and also over bowel cancer by choosing the Natural Approach with the help of God and with the power of enzymes and probiotics.

Michael O’Brien was very instrumental in Bernard Jensen’s victory over cancer, and then paralysis.
 Bernard Jensen's funeral arrangements were already made but sixty (60) days later he was pronounced cancer-free...!!! 

Celebrating his cancer recovery with Gavin McLeod and their wives, Dr Jensen's spine was severed when rear-ended by a semi truck.  Gavin McLeod starred in the former TV episodes series, "the Love Boat". Doctors told Bernard Jensen that he would never walk again. Some ten months later he sold his wheel chair and was bouncing on a trampoline.

Dr. Jensen lived another seven years, wrote more books and chose to pass away in a state of good health. 
Dr. Jensen, one of North America’s most famous Doctors and Researchers wrote over approximately 65 books on Health and Nutrition. Dr Jensen dedicated his next book, ‘Come Alive’, to his “dear friend - Michael O’Brien”. In the front of his book, his dedication reads “To my dear friend, Michael O’Brien, who knew me when I was at my lowest ebb–at 85 pounds to now at 154 pounds, who saw my rejuvenation rise from nothing to something. Michael also knew me at my lowest time of spirit–when I had nothing to live for. He helped bring me back to serve God and man more than ever, through a second chance to live.”

 Dr. Bernard Jensen was one of America's pioneering nutritionists and iridologists. Beginning his career in 1929 as a chiropractor, he soon turned to the art of nutrition for his own health problems. He observed firsthand the cultural practices of people in more than fifty-five countries, discovering important links between food and health. 

In 1955, Dr. Jensen established the Hidden Valley Ranch in Escondido, California as a retreat and learning center dedicated to the healing principles of nature where he saw firsthand the value of nutrition and iridology. 

Over the years, Dr. Jensen received many honors and awards, including Knighthood in the Order of St. John of Malta; the Dag Hammarskjold Peace Award of the Pax Mundi Academy in Brussels, Belgium; and an award from Queen Juliana of the Netherlands for his nutritional work. In 1982, he also received the National Health Federation's Pioneer Doctor of the Year award.

From serious illness to perfect health with our Proven Health Program… then on to my own healthy business…

Christina's Story...
Christina's story all began with Avena Original when she attended our meeting. President Mel Tarry and management helped her overcome Cancer and MS.
The power of diet, enzymes, probiotics, and lifestyle is incredibly healing

View Christina's story on youtube...

My journey started when I was in the prime of my life -finishing many years of university, getting married and beginning my career. Suddenly my vision was blurry, I was seeing double, one eye went wall-eyed, I couldn't see, if I opened my eyes I would fall over from the dizziness.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). Six months later, 4 1/2 months pregnant, and still reeling from my last diagnosis, I had another blow - thyroid cancer. Five months into my pregnancy with my son, I underwent major surgery to completely remove my thyroid. After a radiation treatment I found out the cancer spread to my lungs.

Six months later I had another radiation treatment which made me quite ill, and the results didn't change, the tumors were still the same size.
To add salt to my wounds, a new obstacle appeared. I began taking an immune suppressant drug that alleged to help decrease the effects of MS. This had to be self injected into my legs, once a week at a cost of $20,000/year. It was only partially covered by Medicare. After one month of struggling with injecting myself and suffering with its side effects, I discovered the drug company would not allow me to take the drug if I had cancer. What a waste of time and money, and an unnecessary source of added stress. 

At this point, I had enough poking and prodding.
At 26, it was apparent something was clearly wrong with the chemistry of my body. I decided to take my health into my own hands!

I attended a health seminar. There, I learned about the remarkable story of Bernard Jensen, DC, known to most as the "father of iridology." At age 86, he was dying of prostate cancer that had ravaged every organ. He was wishing he could die. His family was already planning his funeral. His dear friend, former MD, Michael O'Brien convinced him that if he could not cure himself, his 60 years of research into naturopathic medicine would be discredited. It was enough to convince Jensen he had to live. He began taking enzymes, juicing every enzyme rich fruit and vegetable he could ingest. My favorite book by Dr. Jensen, 'Come Alive', was written after he recovered.
I bought this book. I made up my mind that I could do it, and when I was cured, I would use my story to inspire other people. After this, my husband, baby Antonio, and I committed to changing our lifestyles and eating habits. We threw out everything in our cupboards and replaced it all with organic raw foods. Our diet consisted of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, oils, and top-quality enzymes, pro-biotics and other raw supplements. (Visit:

The first few days and weeks of our new lifestyle were very challenging. I had severe migraines, fever and blurred vision, while my body detoxified all the toxins. Twenty-six years of processed and chemically-laden foods came out of my body, and I shed a pound a day in weight. Within three weeks adapting to this new lifestyle, scar tissue began healing, and amazingly I no longer required my prescription glasses.

The transition to a raw, organic diet proved to be very challenging. Eating raw and juicing was a deterrent in itself; added to that, the concept of having to prepare everything I ate from scratch meant I would have to find the strength to learn a new lifestyle quickly, and find time to actually do it. I eventually found myself frustrated and going to every natural food store, desperately trying to find anything I could eat that was already juiced.
There was nothing available, and so, I was spending most of my day in the kitchen preparing the next raw meal. There was a big void for the health enthusiasts who don't have time to prepare their own pure food. My health was improving and people liked the convenience of my frozen smoothies. They all began placing orders. Five years later, I am still thriving. I have NOT required any subsequent medical procedures. Against the odds, I even had another healthy child; Giulia is now 3 years old. I do attribute this to my lifestyle, food choices, and pro-active care. My diet consists of at least 50% raw food, with everything else as a side dish. drinkmeTM green smoothies are an ever-present part of my day. I have never felt better in my life, and my experience has led me on the path to helping others.

Although Bernard Jensen died many years ago (he was 93), I have had the pleasure of presenting drinkmeTM and my story to Mr. Michael O'Brien. His personal words of encouragement about my healthy living and my business endeavor are truly an honor.

I guess it's true you must sometimes hit rock bottom before you can bounce back up. I am truly grateful for the journey I have been on for the past five years. I often hear people say, "I'm sorry for all you have been through." I tell them, "Don't be's the best thing that has ever happened to me."

I once heard a quote that really stuck in my head..."The only thing I drank was a cup of reality, with a shot of appreciation." Kermit the Frog

Some testimonials...
A lady in her forties had inflammatory breast cancer. She had two chemotherapy treatments, a series of radiation treatments plus two surgeries. She had a vasectomy on the left side and breast reconstruction. Her expectancy was 18 months but she went on for four years before a re-occurrence occurred. (See the article on our blog... 'Cancer Always Comes Back following Chemotherapy and radiation... This time she had chemotherapy again and a drug for slowing tumor growth. The Oncologist stated that she appears to be cancer-free. He ignored requests for bone scans and so on…

About a year later she had symptoms of weight loss, tiredness, jaundice, pale skin and slight changes in appearance. A bone scan showed fluid around the heart. Chemo was administered and cancer blocker drugs to kill cancer cells. A liter of fluid was drained from around the heart. She felt rejuvenated for about three days.

A few months later a stroke occurred from one of the five lesions that started in the brain, affecting the speech center and both of her arms. She had damaged cells and the pathways of energy and organs were degraded from the anesthetics and the surgery. She was now given a combination of drugs for her appetite and to suppress the tumor. Four radiation treatments were also administered on the brain.

They attended the Michael O’Brien Victoria seminar in October and a month later decided to go on the “Seven Steps to Ultimate Health’ program.

She was now in the hospital and her husband was administering the supplements to her from morning to night on a daily basis. This was going on for about five weeks. She recuperated and was able to came home. Unfortunately she was so damaged from the chemo, radiation and the drugs that she passed away after a month at home. Her husband stated, “At least Theresa was able to come home for that month to be with her family”.

This is what her husband said in the end, “Avena gave her a quality of life – made it possible to come home on January the 10th. I swear that if it were not for the Avena products, Theresa would have not had the opportunity to come home. The disease was so extensive – brain, lungs, major organs. Theresa did not have a chance through all of that. Theresa had no pain. The Oncologist could hardly explain this. – a modern day doctor acknowledged this. Myself, Avena has helped me get through all of this stressful period.” --- Doug

Had they known about the “Seven Steps to Ultimate Health” program as soon as a diagnosis was made, all the misery and suffering would not have occurred and she would be living a healthy life today. How many people go through that misery and suffering because they refuse to do something that is proven to bring results?

Tumors were expelled from the body... A young gentleman acquired a serious cancer diagnosis. He was put on the program of  enzymes and proteolytic probiotics. Within weeks, tumors were being expelled through his navel and he was throwing up the tumors... (We have detailed results of his progress. Contact us for details: )

Doctor Lorraine Day was a surgeon for eighteen years in a California hospital. Years of stress and poor eating habits took a toll on her and she developed breast cancer. The tumor grew to the size of a grapefruit, which she called her third breast. She would not take the medical approach because she knew that as a surgeon and seeing many people die from the therapies prescribed, she would not make it herself.

Doctor Lorraine Day decided on the natural health therapy approach. She tried out sixty-four different methods, non-of which worked. Her tumor just kept on growing. She then made a decision to go on a raw juice diet. It took one whole year before the tumor started to subside and another six months before it was completely gone and she was pronounced cancer-free. Full story on her website:

A note regarding Doctor Lorraine Day

Lorraine Day was able to eliminate the cancer because of the cleansing of the toxins that were encapsulated in the tumor. Cancer is actually very easy to eradicate. The body’s response to excess toxins in the body is to encapsulate then in tumors to protect itself from these toxins that the body cannot eliminate naturally. It took Lorraine Day eighteen months to become completely cancer-free. With the ‘Seven Steps to Ultimate Health’ program the most serious deathbed cancer was eliminated within sixty days!

We recommend the following health company powerful and most clean products that bring RESULTS...!!! Those that used these proven supplements have achieved success in their health challenges. Other products might just help a little but there is no guarantee of the results. 

Detox...  Avena Original Herbal Cocktail... Eliminating the toxic buildup in your tissues and organs is essential
With an estimated 98% of all disease originating in the colon, your best line of defense against disease is through the regular and daily elimination of harmful toxins. "
This synergistic detoxification product works naturally with your body to rebuild healthy eliminations.

 Avena Original Proteolytic Probiotics are one of the only probiotics using Jerusalem Artichoke as
the growing base, feeding only the good probiotic bacteria. Made without maltodextrin (Maltodextrin has been shown to feed both the good and the bad bacteria defeating the purpose of a prebiotic in the first place). Proteolytic Probiotics have the ability to digest proteins: •Anti Bacteria •Anti Viral •Anti Retro-viral •Anti Microbial •Anti Tumoral. Proteolytic probiotics are the key to regaining the proper intestinal and digestive system which is vitally important for weight loss.

With probiotics, you will increase your metabolism, absorb more nutrients, detoxify, which will all improve the body’s ability to lose excess body weight. Many of the proteolytic strains are dual purpose and still digest sugars but expand into protein digesting as well.

Symptoms of low friendly bacteria includes and is not limited to: •low immunity •chronic yeast infections and/or urinary tract infections •overgrowth of Candida •sinus infection •post-surgical infection •poor digestion •bloating •gas •toxic waste build-up •diarrhea •constipation •Crohn’s Disease •irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) •colitis •diverticulitis •abnormal intestinal pH •stomach ulcers •inability to produce vitamins (especially vitamins B & K) •nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin B12 •parasitic infection, fungi and mould overgrowth.

 Enzymes are designed to assist the digestion of undigested foods, clean toxicity on a cellular level,
decrease cellular degeneration and improve health overall. Super Digestive Enzymes are formulated and focused on the blood, cleaning and detoxifying, cellular regeneration.Enjoy the benefits of enzymes on an empty stomach as they clean your blood, and provide the catalysts to drive the natural regeneration inside your body. Symptoms of enzyme deficiencies include and are not limited to: •indigestion •heartburn •bloating •gas •low immunity •cysts •inflammation •chronic fatigue •allergic reactions •hay fever •acne, rashes •hypoglycaemia •high blood pressure •low blood pressure •high cholesterol •obesity •diabetes •gallstones •insomnia •bowel disorders such as IBS •Crohns •diverticulitis •constipation •diarrhea. For more details visit: 

Compiled by Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS
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