Sunday 14 June 2015

Cause of All Disease -- Health Presentations

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The Cause of All Disease

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Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

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The Cause of All Disease
 Did you know while everyone’s popping vitamins, thinking they’re rewarding their body with health, there is a powerful secret they are not aware of... 
Powerful health teachings revealed by former
MD, Dr. Michael O'Brien who spoke to
thousands of medical doctors.
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POOR MEMORY                              
HEART CONDITIONS                        
and much, much more...

                                             Secrets NOBODY is
talking about, but are
proving to be life

Presented by... Kameron Tarry
A professional health educator who
was inspired by watching his own
mother overcome her crippling, life
threatening, Lupus.

Join him as he will teach you what
TRUE HEALTH is - and how it is achievable.
Don’t Miss Out.

Health is Not a Matter of
It’s a matter of CHOICE!

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A Fusion of Vitamin E
Realities of Raw Living Foods
Health! Do You Get It?
Phyto Proteins – Natures Answer to Our Protein Problems

The Spark of Life – Enzymes

Power in Proteolytic Probiotics!
Decoding Detoxification!
Whats Wrong with our Health? 
Revitalize Conference 2014 – Drew Taddia Review

Dr. Roger Gunderson – Benefits Of Ionic Formulations



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We are inviting you to another Health Presentation.
Sponsored by a quality Canadian Health Company.

Our goal is to help as much people as possible in their health challenges. Avena Originals is a Canadian health company located in Red Deer, AB and US outlet in Washington state.

A Health Educational Company and supply some of the MOST POWERFUL and MOST PUREST health products that bring RESULTS...!!! See the attained results on our site.
Learn about nutrition and health secrets that nobody talks about, but prove to be life changing. Learn the real cause and elimination of illness as taught by former MD, Dr. Michael O'Brien who spoke to thousands of medical doctors worldwide.

Michael O'Brien held a lecture in Victoria several years ago to an audience of about 300 attendees. His work is being carried on for some 20 years and being presented to a vast audience across Canada.

Michael O'Brien – as a former Director of two Los Angeles Medical Clinics, witnessed the poor results of people's attempts in achieving good health. After many years in practice and many more years of research, Michael developed ‘user friendly’ methods to address even the most challenging diseases that our society faces today. Tremendous success of restoring health has been attained with his knowledge.
Michael O'Brien -- was instrumental in Dr. Bernard Jensen's “Victory Over cancer”, and then paralysis, and as Dr. Jensen put it, “He did the most for me”.

Learn the full story of this amazing recovery at the presentation.

Come learn some key nutritional facts that have been lost over our fast food generations. Let us show you how you could heal yourself from almost any degenerative diseases and symptoms. Maintain health and prevent illness and dis-ease.

Avena Originals is committed to help wherever people may need it. They will do presentations if people commit to attend and also do on-line or phone presentations in people's homes -- ...

We strive for Ideal Health... The life you save may be your own...!!!
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... "Education is the most powerful weapon
which you can use to change the world"
...Nelson Mandela
Health is Not a Matter of Chance –
Only a Matter of Choice!!!

Presentation highlights...

100,000 Diseases, and no cures.

Did you know all 100,000 diseases are being caused by one problem, discover this problem and what you can do prevent it.
Exposing the primary cause behind all of them.
What if 100,000 diseases weren't diseases at all? What if they were all symptoms of one true disease, one that is affecting almost every person today.  At this event, we will discuss how over 165 major medical journals around the world are saying that there is a single common denominator in almost every symptom of 'bad health'. All answers directed them to poor bowel, and digestive health is the underlying cause of an exceptionally large number of diseases.

The Missing Link and 'Enzymes'

There has to be a common denominator among all these new diseases, there is and we will show you what it is and why we really need to understand it.

Power in Proteolytics

Learn why the word proteolytic is so powerful and why you absolutely need it in your Natural Health Products.

Truth About Proteins

Protein is one of the most popular industries as it such an important macronutrient, but it is time to re-assess everything you think you know about protein.

Sports nutrition

Heal faster, recover stronger, and prevent more injuries. Learn first hand from a few of our professional athletes how better nutrition plays a major factor in athletics.