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VOXXLifes's Mission is to Reach ONE BILLION People Reach Their Wellness Goals
Using Our HRP Technology
If I can get more energy and power, better balance and stability, increased performance and stamina, quicker reaction and recovery time and even pain relief, just by putting on a pair of socks – I’ll do it.
Scientifically tested and validated that these insoles and socks deliver instantaneous results. (More products in the works.)
If you play sports, are on your feet a lot or getting into those senior years this product is a MUST!
If you are looking for drug free pain relief along with a growing list of additional benefits please check out to learn more.
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– Go to our site... great testimonials of people alleviating back, foot, knee, fibromyalgia, exercise and surgical pain and much more.
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A 30 day moneyback guarantee. And more products in the works...!!!

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Dr Shayne Fria... Chiropractor and Exercise Physiologist
This video demonstrates the 3 tests that incorporate the VoxxLife PRODUCT DEMO we use to demonstrate the immediate difference in balance, stability and flexibility you achieve with Voxx HPT technology. You can use Voxx Stasis Socks or VoxxSol Performance Insoles to provide the immediate difference provided by Voxx HPT technology.

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We have produced this video of Mary Lou Venerable. Mary Lou lives in Tennessee and visited the Head Office in Toronto the end of November. She started wearing the socks the day she arrived at the office....the rest is history as you will see in this 6minute video......a remarkable testimony about the effect of these amazing products. 
Testing with Mary Lou...

Golfing Improvements With Performance Enhancing Insoles From Voxxsol

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Testimonial from Detroit Redwings... Matt Lorito

Donna Vakalis and her pursuit of excellence in the Modern Pentathlon. Listen to Donna discuss her use of Voxx products in major competitions for the past year.

VoxxLife Founder and CEO Jay Dhaliwal has a very open discussion with a new Associate, Heather Sullivan. Heather shares his story about what Voxx Stasis socks did to help her in the 24 hours she has used the product. In addition, Jay gives a very open and informative discussion describing the science and the history of how Voxx HPT was developed.

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Saturday 23 January 2016

Presentations... 100,000 dis-eases... ONE CAUSE...

The Black Door

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Recently, a friend handed me a short story by Paul J. Meyer called "The Black Door." As I read it, I saw myself in the story's prisoner: fearful of the unknown behind a door.
In the story a spy is captured during a desert war. The wise old warlord, who sentences him to death, gives him the choice to either face a quick death by the firing squad or take his chances by passing through a mysterious black door.
Minutes before the execution, the warlord asks the frightened spy, "What have you chosen: the firing squad or the black door?"
Imagining terrible torture behind the massive black door, the spy tells the warlord that he chooses the firing squad. Moments later, rifle shots signal his death.
The old warlord turns to his aide and says, "You see how it is with people? They will always prefer the known to the unknown. That man went quietly to his death though I gave him a choice."
"What lies beyond the black door?" asks the aide.
"Freedom," replies the warlord, "and I've known very few men brave enough to take it."
I thank God He gives me strength to face the unknown.

And so it is with many people. They are fearful of the unknown. They tend to do what they have always done. Is it a wonder that in health people tend to do the same things that keeps them in ill health. Is that why cancer and many other illnesses are dominant in so many people... and so many young people!

People are passing on at a young age and even infants are acquiring all sorts of illnesses. The Educational Presentations that we bring are intended to help people from acquiring these dis-eases. Help people stay youthful, maintain superb health and prevent illnesses.
Overcome your fears and attend presentation.

-- 100,000 dis-eases – one cause...-- Learn what the cause is...
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