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Nothing cures anything... Supply the body with the proper tools and the body will heal itself...!!!



Why Are There 100,000 Diseases and No Cures
FREE Webinar - 

Our health is at the worst it has ever been, with young adults fighting and struggling with health issues like no other generation before ours has ever had to.

Avena has 25 years of experience in helping individuals learn how to heal themselves, and has provided them with a unique insight into understanding the root cause behind all of these health problems we see today - Bowel Issues!

Attend this free webinar to learn exactly what this root cause is and how it can be healed or avoided by easy to make changes in our everyday lives.

Bill Faulkner - Stick with the Program
Bill Faulkner, a customer of Avena Originals since 2001.
Chose a new life after being told he had no choice but to have surgery.
It's truly an inspiration to see Elwood and his wife Betty, making their health a priority,
and reaping the benefits. " My PSA count was 14.1 and that needed to change. Thought I would try Dr.Jensen recommendation of taking Avena's Super Digestive Enzymes any where from 9-15 a day, and within 1 month my PSA count dropped to 5.5. I'm astounded, and excited that I can feel this good in my 80's."
           Many testimonies on the sites...

Our main powerful products for "Enhanced Health"... 
No fillers or toxic preservatives -- Only pure products of Nature...
Finalized pricing on website...

Herb Cocktail Caps -  $42.00 
Herb Cocktail Pwdr - $39.95 

Super Digestive Enzyme 500 Caps
Super Digestive Enzyme 240 Caps

RP3 Natural Flavour - $60.00 
RP3 Cacao Flavour - $60.00 

Electric "C" Caps - $50.00 
Electric "C" Pwd - $48.00
Full spectrum Vitamin 'C'

Minerals 120 Caps - $50.00 
Minerals 60 Caps - $27.75 

Enhanced Enzyme Pwdr - $119.95 
Enhanced Enzyme 500 Caps - $92.00 
Enhanced Enzyme 180 Caps - $51.50 

Proteolytic Probiotic 240 Caps - 
Proteolytic Probiotic 120 Caps - $56.00 
Proteolytic Probiotic 240 Pwdr- $50.00 


Super Food Caps - $39.95 
Super Food Pwd- $39.95 

Vitamin Supreme 240 Caps - $52.00 

Strawberries are coming soon...

Smooth Strawberry Delight

  • 1 cup squeezed orange juice
  • 1 cup Water
  • 1/2 cup of Greens
  • 6-8 Large frozen strawberries
  • 1 Banana
  • 2 Tbsp Goji Berries
  • 1 Tbsp Avena's E-Fusion   
  • Lots of recipes on the website....

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You can maintain 'Ideal'health, prevent and eliminate ANY health challenge… and stay youthful well into your GOLDEN years.
Help yourself and others attain 'Ideal' Health and be 'HIGHLY REWARDED'...!!!
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Nothing cures anything – Supply the body with the proper tools (nutrients) and the body will heal itself...

Wake Up

Tim Devore I haven't been to a doctor since 1988 and that was only for a physical for a job. If I feel a cold coming on I eat oranges, apples and bananas maybe even some melon if I can find any.

I don't go running to a doctor for anything minor expecting a "magic pill" to solve the issue. I rarely ever get headaches and if I do I don't take any meds unless I absolutely need to otherwise I find foods that may help or find the time to sleep it off.